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How To Be A Freak Who Can Move Buildings (Understanding Strength & Power)

A common misconception in the strength and conditioning industry is the perception of power being correlated with strength. The formula for power is work/time. The amount of work you do is determined by the force and the distance. For example, a medicine ball slam. If you attempt to slam a 20 pound medicine ball as…

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How to Increase Stability, Mobility, and Strength

As a former strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate level addressing deficiencies is definitely a need, but it is too often a fairly quick process. Many athletes lack adequate mobility and core stabilization and the majority of these issues aren’t being addressed. This is due to the fact that most of the training focus…

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Three Things You Should Do Now (On the Gym Floor)

In my last blog post here, I spoke about how fitness is a marathon, and not a sprint. Remember now, the only thing that separates the average gym-goer from the gym-goer who gets results is that they show up on a consistent basis. It is easier to do this if you have a plan, and…

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