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Move of the Week: The Clean

When it comes to the Olympic lifts, the clean is just a powerful reverse curl right? Wrong. Clean up your clean with this week’s move! THE MOVE: The Clean MOVEMENT PATTERN AND MUSCLES WORKED: Hinge (posterior chain) but everything else as well! WHY DO IT: The Olympic lifts looks cool and everyone wants to do it, but that…

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Does Soreness = A Good Workout?

Have you ever been so sore after a workout that you couldn’t move in the days after? It feels good to workout hard. Exercise has been shown to have mental benefits that go far beyond the confines of the gym, which we’ve written about here. For many of us, soreness is just a small price…

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Going Nuts About Coconuts: What’s the Truth?

A little over two weeks ago now, the American Heart Association published a report advising against the use of coconut oil. Naturally, the coconut oil-loving world went into a frenzy, and judging from the huge amount of people who love the coco (myself included), this new advice didn’t exactly sit well with many. In recent…

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