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How to perform an X-Pulldown

This move is the ultimate shoulder-saver, and may be a better option than regular lat pulldown for many. Watch the video to learn how to do it right!

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Your posture will never be good enough

by Dan Cerone Sorry to say it, but you’re never going to “fix your posture.” A few weeks ago, myself and Dr. Bo Babenko spoke to a group of executives about optimizing the little amount of time during the week to offset the busy hours in the office. One of the most common themes that…

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Rolling away time…and results.

by Ross Curtis   I’ve been a personal trainer here in New York City for over 3 years now, and even when I was a strength and conditioning coach back in Iowa; I would see the same things. On the gym floor at least…there were a lot less Louis Vuitton bags back in Iowa! With…

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