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How Playing the Piano With Your Feet Prevents Injury

by Dr. Bo Babenko, DPT Playing the piano with your feet seems pretty dangerous, but being able to do so drastically reduces your injury risk. (What!?) If you cannot move your big toe without the other four moving, or vice versa, this could be a problem. Our feet are the foundation of our bodies. When I…

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Carry your weights

by Ross Curtis Sometimes just one missing ingredient can ruin everything: flour when you’re cooking, ID at the airport, or rings on your wedding day (thankfully I did not screw that one up!). And I am willing to wager there is one missing ingredient in your fitness regimen that might be ruining it all — and I…

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Throw your Fitness Tracker in the Garbage

by Dan Cerone Over the past decade, the rise of fitness trackers has been unreal. Not only are they now sold as standalone devices to count your steps, calories, and sleep; they are also integrated and come installed with our phones. Most people think that this a step in the right direction, and I agree…

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