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How to: Alternating Arm Bench Press

Blast your shoulders & core + prehab your body with the alternating arm bench press: – Use lighter weights to recruit more of the stabilizer muscles into the movement pattern. – This should light up your core as your body fights to stabilize a weight moving on only one side. – This can act as a screen to…

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It’s not just for Santa: The one piece of gym equipment you’re not using

by Morgan Jackson  Push, pull, legs, and cardio…all in one? Yes. (Every athlete does it.) Early in my coaching career, a mentor gave me a coaching exercise that tested critical thinking and creativity: pick 5 exercises to design an entire offseason strength and conditioning program around. I could only use those 5 exercises, varying volume and…

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Arnold was right: there’s nothing wrong with getting a pump

by Ross Curtis In today’s world of fitness, everyone is talking about the primal movement patterns, core stability, breathing, energy systems, and functional movement. All of this is fantastic. We are making great strides in fine-tuning the human organism through improving movement patterns, enhancing stability, and reconditioning after injury. For starters, I am all for…

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How to Find the Best Personal Trainer in NYC


Halevy Life created this guide to help you find the best personal trainer for your specific goals. – Here’s to good health! It seems like there is a new “get skinny quick”, or “grow muscle fast” scheme popping up every single day. We probably experience more of this in NYC than anywhere else. Gyms are…

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Yes, you can absolutely work out in the heat (here’s how)

by Morgan Jackson Am I the only one who practically melted just standing there outside the past few days? As a personal trainer and coach here in NYC I frequently get asked: “Is it dangerous to exercise in the heat?” In a word, yes, but…no. The truth is that if you don’t have any serious medical…

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