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What do you get when you mix a plank with a ThighMaster?

By: Morgan Jackson Something may be rotten in Denmark — but it’s definitely not in Copenhagen: try a new challenge and corrective strategy with the Copenhagen Plank. There are 3 reasons you want to do these: Assessment – assess your strength on both sides and note left-right imbalances (one of the top causes of injury!)…

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This common drug will help you perform better

By: Ross Curtis Whether you’re looking to enhance your performance in the boardroom, office, gym, or even bedroom… There’s only one legal (and safe) performance-enhancing drug on the market. Caffeine. With over 400 billion cups of coffee consumed each year, it is one of the world’s most popular drugs. There’s a lot of debate and…

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Hip-ocritical Hip Mobility

Hip mobility drills are all over Instagram, with trainers (and even less-qualified people) demonstrating Hip CARs — Controlled Articular Rotations. Many people have issues with tightness and pain in the hip, so these movements are important to know. The only problem is… Instagram is doing it dead wrong. (A lot of the time at least) The…

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Opinion: Listen Up Weightlifters – I’m Calling Out the Bench Press

Weightlifting Class NYC

By: Ross Curtis If Olympic weightlifting is your priority, skip the bench press. Trust me, I’ve competed in Olympic weightlifting, lived in China to study with a world-class Chinese weightlifting team, and taught these lifts as a D1 Strength and Conditioning Coach. If you’re a weightlifter, why should you avoid the bench press? It puts…

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Don’t Forget Your Upper Body When You Squat

By Morgan Jackson Trainers tend to focus on the lower body when they’re working with their clients on this, BUT very often the things that need to be addressed are above the hips. There are 3 vital upper body adjustments to make when doing these. Relax your shoulders –  People tend to shrug their shoulders…

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What’s Causing You Pain Isn’t Where You Think It Is

By: Bo Babenko, DPT at Halevy Life Who cries more: the victim or the perpetrator? Think about this EVERY time you feel aches, pains and strains in your body. Here’s why: If you have pain in your knee after starting to ramp up your marathon training (or squatting, cycling — just about anything), for example,…

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