Stop Sucking Your Stomach In

How many times have you heard you should “zip your belly in ” or “draw your navel to your spine?” STOP!

That’s one of the worst things you can do when you’re trying to cue functional core activity. Why?

When you suck your stomach in, you’re using only one muscle – the transverse abdominis.

You actually want all the muscles of the core working together like a…wait for it… Core-chestra!

The glutes, abs, and lats are all part of your core. When you just tell one muscle (the transverse abdominis) to work its like telling the triangle guy to take a solo — and who wants to go to a triangle performance?

Do this instead:

It can take some time to get accustomed to bracing correctly. Try thinking about your core as a cylinder – you’re trying to expand the cylinder in all directions – 360 degrees (front, back and sides).

  1. Breath in through your nose before starting a movement.
  2. Brace your muscles by tightening up as if someones going to hit you in the stomach (As Morgan did on that second take).
  3. Breath out as you finish the movement (nice and strong as if you’re blowing out birthday candles).

Practice bracing correctly and stop zipping your belly in!

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