The Specialty Bar That Everyone Should Be Using

Specialty bars are usually seen as the “double-black diamond” of the weight room — reserved only for the most advanced lifters.

But Halevy Life Staff Coach Ross Curtis says that’s not always the case, especially with the Safety Squat Bar, which is great for beginners who are just learning to squat.

Why is the Safety Squat Bar (SSB) bar so great for beginners?

  1. Better Posture – Since the handles are in front of you, it allows for a better “stacked” position of your spine (neutral low-back and ribs down, not flaring upward).
  2. Shoulder Saver – Most beginners don’t have the mobility to get their hands on the bar without straining their shoulder. Having a bar that naturally sits on the upper back and doesn’t require a reach behind from the shoulder is a much gentler position for most.
  3. You Can Load it Just as Effectively – You can train with virtually the same amount of weight as you would on a regular back squat.

What if you don’t have an SSB?

Decorate a regular barbell with some streamers — er, straps  — if you don’t have the Safety Squat Bar. It works nearly as effectively.

Give this a try and let us know what you think!

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