Why Does It Hurt To Get Out Of Bed?

sleepy cat

These three easy moves will get you out of bed quickly!

Why Do You Feel Tight In The Morning?

  1. A compressive force happens over time from gravity pushing us down (sitting at a desk all day doesn't help).
  2. Most movements, even in exercise, are in the Sagittal plane, meaning they're mostly forward and backward movements. We rarely twist or move side to side (which is what our discs like).

How To Fix It

Bo gave Jeff this simple and effective morning routine:

  1. Tilt the pelvis forward and back (similar to a cat camel on all fours). 
  2. Squeeze the glutes and lift up the hips. 
  3. Windshield wiper your legs side to side.

These movements decompress the spine and provide the fluid nutrition that our discs love so much.

Give these a try and you'll be feeling good to go in the morning!

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