Pull Up Zero To Pull Up Hero!

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The average guy walking down the street can't even do one pull up.

Over the years, Jeff has helped a lot of his clients go from being a pull up zero to a pull up hero — especially female clients.

There is a specific set of strategies he uses to progress up to being able to do a pull up.

How To Do It

Employing these 5 strategies and combining them together over time will have you doing more pull ups then you ever thought possible!

1. Use a Band

Place your knee or foot in the band and pattern the actual movement of a pull up. As you progress you can use a thinner and thinner band to work your way up. 

2. Perform the Eccentric Portion of the Lift

Jump up and slowly lower yourself back down. You can use a box to get to the top because the jumping eats up some energy.

3. Perform the Strong Component of the Lift

Perform the strong component of the lift, which is midpoint to the top. 

4. Perform the Weak Component of the Lift

Perform the weakest component of the lift, which is bottom (hanging) to midpoint. This one's very taxing!

5. Rest, Pause

Put it all together by doing one pull up at a time and rest in between. You can rest up to 30 seconds before doing the next one. Over time, you can lower the rest in between.

It Takes Time

Its going to take a few weeks to transition to each of these steps. But these different modalities will come together in time.

Mix and match these different strategies to see what works best for you!

This is everything you need to go from a pull up zero to a pull up hero. Try them out and let us know what you think!

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