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Halevy Life New York NYC 10022 Personal Training GYm 10022At Halevy Life we Raise the Bar.

Powered by Masters of Exercise Science — literally — we are the only gym or health club on earth to guarantee your results with Fitness Guaranteed®.

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Fitness Guaranteed

Fitness Guaranteed®, which Inc. Magazine called “The Craziest (and Smartest) Money-Back Guarantee Ever,” is backed by qualitative standards that exceed even the fitness industry’s highest.

Masters of Exercise Science

Our staff of full-time elite personal trainers — not chain gym fly-by-night hourly trainers — possess a minimum of a Master’s in Exercise Science, in addition to the most distinguished industry accreditations (e.g. CSCS and SCCC).


Using sound exercise science and evidence-based principles, we are able to consistently deliver results to a variety of clients, from post-rehab patients to professional and amateur athletes, and busy professionals to screen actors and models.


Founded by NBC’s Today Show Fitness Contributor and host of “Workout From Within” on Veria/Z Living, Jeff Halevy, our members only 7,000 square-foot New York City flagship location is located at 212 East 57th Street on the border of Manhattan’s Midtown East and Upper East Side neighborhoods.


While our two primary service amenities are private and semi-private personal training, we are more than a luxury health club and “the best personal trainers in NYC” (New York Daily News). We are a turnkey fitness solution offering:

  • nutrition
  • clinical-grade metabolic testing (RMR, VO2 Max, Anaerobic Threshold, etc.)
  • body composition testing (hydrostatic weighing),
  • yoga
  • physical therapy
  • and other regenerative, restorative, and balancing modalities


Member amenities include valet laundry service, digital record storage, and private full bathrooms that each have Italian wall-hung fixtures and oversized glass showers with rain heads, and feature Bliss bath product.212 East 57th Street Luxury Yoga

Advisory Board

Our advisory board includes world-renown exercise, physical therapy, and orthopedic experts Dr. Charlie Weingroff, Dean Somerset, Chris Duffin, Dr. Quinn Henoch, Dr. Leon Aibinder, and Dr. Jennifer Solomon.


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Personal Trainer: Upper East Side Personal Training and Midtown East Personal Training

Jeff Halevy

Jeff Halevy Press PhotoHalevy Life’s CEO and founder, Jeff Halevy, regarded by Senator Cory Booker as a man who “has made a life of giving people a more abundant life…a leader for me, and setting an example for me” is also the star of TV internationally syndicated series “Workout From Within with Jeff Halevy” (Z Living) and is NBC’s TODAY Show Contributing Fitness Expert.

Jeff is a Behavioral Health & Fitness Expert with a passion for fostering healthy change, internally and externally, in his clients and the public at large. As a result of his successes with both clients and public health initiatives, Jeff has earned distinction as a celebrity trainer“fitness guru” and “star fitness and nutrition expert” by local, national, and international media, and most notably was chosen to create a healthy lifestyle program for the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign.

The Halevy Life Advisory Board


Charlie Weingroff

Charlie is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Certified Athletic Trainer, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He was most recently the Director of Physical Performance and Resiliency and Lead Physical Therapist for the United States Marines Corps Special Operations Command in Camp Lejeune, NC.

Through rehabbing patients, he subscribes to a movement-based approach popularized by the works of Dr. Vladimir Janda, Dr. Shirley Sahrmann, Dr. Stuart McGill, and Gray Cook. In training athletes and clients, he champions the principles of the Functional Movement Screen and sound, evidence-based training principles. Some of the methodologies Charlie is formally trained in include DNS, ART, Dry Needling, Graston, FMS/SFMA, and the RKC.

Charlie also served as Head Strength & Conditioning Coach and Assistant Athletic Trainer for the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers. Among the highlights of his tenure in Philadelphia was being part of the medical staff that ranked 1st in the NBA in Player Missed Games.

Aside from working with patients, athletes and clients, he is also under the bar himself. In 2007, he achieved AAPF Elite status in the 220 weight class with a total of 1915 pounds. His best powerlifting competition total is 800 squat, 510 bench press and 605 deadlift.


Dean Somerset

Dean is an internationally renown educator and public speaker in Exercise Science whose main area of expertise is injury and medical dysfunction management.

Dean has built a reputation as one of the leading authorities in functional anatomy, corrective exercise, and post-rehabilitation in the fitness industry. He is consistently featured in major international fitness publications such as T-Nation.com, Bodybuilding.com, and many others.


Dr. Jennifer Solomon

Dr. Jennifer L. Solomon, Attending Physiatrist for New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery, is a board-certified physiatrist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and was fellowship-trained in Spine and Sports Medicine in 2003. Her practice is devoted to using non-operative and minimally invasive treatments of spine and sports injuries. Treatments involve a focused effort to combine multiple therapies (including but not limited to exercise, medication, physical therapy and injection treatments) to provide maximum effectiveness and success.

Dr. Solomon is a team physician for the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and is an attending physician of the New York City Marathon.

Dr. Solomon’s research is focused on common lower back injuries and sports injuries that predominantly affect active women. She is a member of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the North American Spine Society, and the American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine.

She has published more than 25 articles and chapters on a variety of spine and sports medicine topics.


Chris Duffin

Known as the “Mad Scientist of Strength” Chris Duffin is a former corporate executive turned inventor and movement professional. He has positioned himself uniquely in the fitness world bridging the gap between top clinical rehabilitation experts and sports performance professionals, as well as actively working with both. He advocates and uses evidence-based approaches in developing both his coaching and cueing methodologies and line of innovative strength training equipment. Chris keeps it simple with reinforcing clean natural movement patterns as a foundation for building strength.

As of today, Chris is the only person in the world capable of squatting and deadlifting over 900lbs at his bodyweight and is one of the most elite pro Powerlifters of our age. Chris may also be the only strength coach that is regularly asked to present at Ph.D level courses on human movement.

quinn henoch

Dr. Quinn Henoch

Dr. Quinn Henoch is a highly respected Doctor of Physical Therapy, with a passion for movement analysis. The focus of his clinical practice is helping patients figure out a more effective way to move their bodies — to reduce pain and/or improve performance.

While much of the attention these days is on Quinn’s clinical practice (and other industry endeavors including ClinicalAthlete.com), Quinn has also garnered distinction as an athlete: playing Division 1 football; competing in track and field, Crossfit, and powerlifting; and most recently as a nationally ranked Olympic weightlifter.

The Halevy Life Team

Dan Cerone

ceroneDan Cerone is the Director of Programming at Halevy Life.

Dan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Exercise Science and a Master’s Degree in Human Performance, which were both completed at Ithaca College. In addition, Dan is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), earned a PRC from the Postural Restoration Institute, and is a Functional Range Conditioning FRCms, Functional Movement Screen Specialist (FMS), and Kinstretch Instructor.

Prior to joining the team at Halevy Life, Dan completed a coaching internship at one of the country’s premiere strength and conditioning facilities where he worked with a wide variety of athletes, but mainly professional and collegiate hockey players. More recently, Dan worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Ithaca College where he programmed and worked with numerous varsity teams.

Dan is a competitive powerlifter who has placed first in multiple competitions.

Jake Roswell

personal trainer jake roswell halevy lifeJake Roswell is a Senior Staff Coach at Halevy Life.

Jake successfully completed NAVY Seal trials, but subsequently chose a career path focused on his primary passion, working with a variety of clients and athletes and honing his has craft as a coach at Halevy Life.

After graduating from Castleton State College, where he earned a degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Kinesiology (while a star athlete on the school’s soccer team), he remained at Castleton to serve as one of the school’s top strength coaches. Jake earned a PRC from the Postural Restoration Institute, is a Functional Range Conditioning FRCms as well as a Kinstretch Instructor.

Jake is a multi-sport athlete and has medaled in powerlifting with the USAPL.

Jeremy Lau

Jeremy Lau Halevy Life Staff CoachJeremy Lau is a Senior Staff Coach at Halevy Life.

Jeremy graduated cum laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BSc. in Biomedical Engineering and received his Master’s in Exercise Physiology at Columbia University. In addition to his academic accolades, Jeremy is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and earned a PRC from the Postural Restoration Institute.

Prior to joining the team at Halevy Life, Jeremy completed a coaching internship at Cressey Sports Performance, where he coached both amateur and professional athletes, among whom were many professional MLB baseball players.

As an athlete, Jeremy has played baseball competitively for most of his life.

Ross Curtis

Ross Curtis Halevy LifeRoss Curtis is a Senior Staff Coach at Halevy Life.

Ross holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology, both of which were earned at University of Northern Iowa. Ross is not only an accomplished athlete in weightlifting (Olympic Lifts), track and field, and football — but also a highly qualified coach, holding Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), USA Weightlifting (USAW) and ClinicalAthlete Weightlifting Coach (CWC) certifications, and has further earned a PRC from the Postural Restoration Institute.

Jessica Chazen

jessicacJessica Chazen is a Yoga Instructor at Halevy Life, where she teaches Vital Yoga.

Jessica has been teaching Vinyasa and Therapeutic Yoga privately and in groups for over five years and has earned additional certifications in Restorative and Prenatal Yoga.