Anaerobic Threshold Testing NYC

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Anaerobic Threshold (“AT”)

What is your maximum performance threshold?

Another great test for runners, triathletes, and other endurance athletes, Anaerobic Threshold is the intensity of oxygen consumption in which anaerobic metabolism is accelerated, presented by an increase in ventilation disproportionate to oxygen consumption and/or an increase in lactic acid accumulation.

Whereas VO2 Max is a measure of aerobic capacity, AT is a measure of an athlete’s ability to perform at a percentage of max without physiological limitations. Therefore, AT and speed at the anaerobic threshold is considered the ultimate physiological predictor of aerobic performance. Halevy Life’s NYC Flagship Metabolic Lab uses clinical-grade equipment to test your specific anaerobic threshold. Our experts will provide you with a precise analysis of your data and prescribe specific training zones to transfer into your health-fitness or performance goals.

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