Move of the Week: Frankenstein Squat

Winter is in full swing here…but let’s throw it back to Halloween with Frankenstein today! THE MOVE: Frankenstein Squat MOVEMENT PATTERN…

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The Real Reason Why You’re Not Lean

Doesn’t it always seem like you just can’t lose those last 5-10 pounds? Well, you’re not alone. Try as you…

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Use the Landmine to Blow Up Your Gains

We should all be huge believers in barbells and free weights when it comes to training hard in the gym….

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Move of the Week: Dumbbell Z-press

We’re getting snowed in here in New York, but that doesn’t mean that the Move of the Week train is…

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Move of the Week: Dimel Deadlift

What better way to start off February than with deadlifts? THE MOVE: Dimel Deadlift MOVEMENT PATTERN AND MUSCLES WORKED: Hinge: posterior…

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Why You Should NOT Take a Fight to the Ground

We were very excited to bring Martinez Martial Arts into the fold here at Halevy Life last month, and this…

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Stop Giving a Crap About Instagram

It’s a little crazy to think that we’re almost a full month into 2017.  As everyone knows, with a new…

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Move of the Week: Kettlebell Squat w/ 3-second Eccentric

Single-leg exercises are no fun. Bilateral is slightly better, but with today’s tempo I still won’t be letting you off…

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Change Things Up With These Five Squat Variations

Last month, we discussed at length about the back squat and how it is utilized differently in the sports of…

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Move of the Week: Split-squat with Forward Lean

Single-leg exercises are no fun. Ironically, that’s why we’re featuring one today! THE MOVE: Split-squat with Forward Lean MOVEMENT PATTERN AND…

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