How To Work With The Most Sought After Celebrity Trainers In NYC

Anyone can insert the word “celebrity” in front of trainer, and it seems to hold a lot of weight amongst the general population. Then there are those that go as far as paying celebrities or influencers to say they train them when they really don’t. You really have to do your research before you spend…

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You Don’t Have Tight Hips!

How many of you think you have tight hip flexors? Well, we have news for you… Whether it came from your yoga teacher or a self diagnosis from watching a few instagram videos, you should probably rethink whether your hips are actually tight. When you sit a lot (which many of us do), your hip…

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The Golf Prep You’re Missing

It’s January, which means we’re talking about — NOPE, not New Year’s Resolutions — Golf! Many of you want to escape the cold, get away and play some golf, but what does your golf prep look like? Golf is one of the most violent movements on the spine in all of sports. It turns out…

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Meditate While You Exercise

The only thing more crowded than NYC? Jeff’s mind. That’s why he meditates! When a lot of people think of meditation, they envision sitting or laying still in a completely silent room. But that doesn’t have to always be the case! It can actually occur in a completely different setting, like a gym.  Three Ways…

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Do These Before Hitting The Slopes

Ski season is upon us! Know these exercises before you hit the slopes! With ski season comes many challenges – from a muscular-skeletal perspective and from an orthopedic health perspective.  Dr. Bo Babenko and Staff Coach Morgan Jackson give tips to keep you orthopedically healthy and strong on the slopes, and most importantly, injury free. …

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Travel Without the Aches and Pains

It’s the holidays, which means you’re probably doing a good amount of traveling. Traveling can really take a toll on the body because you’re often sitting in restrained positions. Three Travel Exercises Bo has 3 favorite exercises he employs to keep his body healthy when he travels: 1. Hip Bridges Use the space you have…

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Back Hurt? Call Shotgun!

You can shotgun a beer, a ball or the front seat. But did you know you can shotgun your way out of back pain? When you have lower back pain, it’s often coming from your SI joint – the sacroiliac joint – where your spine meets your pelvis. Three Easy Steps The next time you…

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Listen Up Ladies! Lifting Won’t Make You Bulky

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Halevy Life (@halevylife) on Oct 8, 2018 at 3:48pm PDT “Lifting will make me bulky” is like the Deadpool of exercise myths – it just won’t die.  By: Morgan Jackson Ladies! Do you want to know how to lose 8 pounds of fat in 90 days?!…

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Do You Hold Your Weights Wrong?

There are 3 common mistakes that can cause serious damage over time. A lot of people tend to focus on how to move weight, and lifting the maximum amount of weight possible. How you HOLD the weight is actually more important – to prevent injury down the road and lift to your full potential. Three…

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