Should Yoga be a staple in your strength routine?

Should Yoga be a staple in your strength routine? A typical day at the gym might consist of a few power exercises, general strength training and if you’re really motivated, some metabolic conditioning to wrap things up and leave you gassed. You do this 2-3 times a week or more and your body is going…

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What can you learn from a 1,000-pound deadlifter?

Last month, our good friend, the Mad Scientist of Powerlifting, and Halevy Life Board Member Chris Duffin set a world record by deadlifting over 1,000 pounds for two (and nearly three!) reps. Jeff Halevy finds out how he made this all possible using the sumo deadlift in this article for AskMen. *Note that as always,…

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One of the best deadlift tricks — period.

Ready? Here it is: Don’t stand with the bar. Sound nuts, right? That’s exactly what I thought…until I tried it. We recently had Chris Duffin, the “mad scientist of powerlifting” at Halevy Life to workshop the deadlift. Chris is a details guy, and one of the details he gave us for deadlifting in particular is…

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