Listen Up Ladies! Lifting Won’t Make You Bulky

“Lifting will make me bulky” is like the Deadpool of exercise myths - it just won’t die. 

By: Morgan Jackson

Ladies! Do you want to know how to lose 8 pounds of fat in 90 days?! Hint – the secret isn’t a new Pilates fusion class, endless amounts of cardio OR a 90 day juice cleanse…

This amazing body transformation was achieved by performing three carefully programmed, total body resistance training days a week on a balanced, yet flexible diet.

Will lifting make me bulky?

This myth has inexplicably managed to stick around and infest the industry despite all of the scientific and anecdotal evidence that says otherwise. 

Women fear lifting weights because of what it would do to their appearance, when in fact, it gives them the body they've always wanted!

Look better, feel better, and improve your health!

Reasons You Won't Get Bulky

There are two main reasons why females do not gain mass when they lift weights.

1. Hormones

The female hormonal profile does not support significant amounts of muscle growth, or hypertrophy. The main hormone that allows men to put on muscle more easily than women is testosterone. Women have extremely low levels of testosterone relative to men (unless elevated artificially), and, as a result, have a much harder time putting on muscle mass.

2. Diet

Typical diets will not support building significant muscle mass. In order to gain weight in general, you must sustain a caloric surplus or consume more calories than you burn. Furthermore, in order to build significant muscle mass, you need to sustain a caloric surplus AND consistently consume adequate amounts of protein (~1 gram per kilogram of bodyweight). Simply put, the average diet won’t be enough - you have to eat big to get big.

Benefits of Resistance Training

Here are three evidence-based reasons to incoporporate resistance training into your workout regimen.

  1. Concurrent training, or the combination of both resistance training and interval cardio, has been shown to increase energy expenditure, aiding in fat loss and overall body composition. [1]
  2. Total body resistance training with a variety of intensities (Yes! You can lift heavy!) helps preserve and maintain lean body mass, giving you a healthy “toned” appearance.
  3. Resistance training plays an integral role in building and preserving bone mineral density. Incidences of bone related pathologies, such as osteoporosis, increases dramatically particularly among women after the age of 30. Numerous studies of female populations show that total body resistance training (no, not pilates or yoga!) directly contributes to improving bone mineral density and preserving skeletal health. [2]

Don’t be afraid to lift! Start adding resistance training to your exercise regimen for a better body and overall health. You’ll find yourself plowing through those pesky plateaus and reaching goals you were never able to before.



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