Do Your Feet Hurt?

jeff lift

If you’ve seen Jeff’s lifts on Instagram, you may have noticed that there’s a piece of his wardrobe missing…its not just his shirt.

...It's his shoes!

Have you ever had a doctor tell you to get orthotics or shoe inserts for your "flat feet" or general foot pain?

What if we told you the best solution is to wear -- well -- nothing?

Orthotics deal with symptoms initially but they actually cause long term damage by shutting down the muscles in the foot. This leads to common problems like plantar fasciitis and even knee and hip pain!

Restore Your Foot Strength

Being barefoot is the best way to activate the muscles in your feet and there are 3 simples exercises you can do at home to restore your foot strength.

  1. Lift your big toe without lifting the other four.
  2. Lift your four toes without lifting the big toe
  3. Create an arch in your foot by cupping it, which is known as short foot.

How To Get Started

Consistency is key!

Start out by doing 10 each of these exercises a day when you get home from work.

They can also be done throughout the day - Bo reminds himself every hour or so to do a few.

Keep in mind: Short foot might cause some cramps - but don't worry - that's a good sign! It means the muscles are starting to work again. 

Give these exercises a try and let us know how it goes!

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