Feeling Like a Dinosaur? Rotate Your "Thoracic Park"

A lot of us are like dinosaurs when it comes to mobility–stiff, and old. You probably have a good idea about what rotation is, but not where it should be coming from. Rotational movements in sports and exercise should come from the hips and the thoracic spine.

There are two issues here. Instead of the hips, it is easy to compensate by rotating through the lower back instead, which can lead to low back pain and injury. Also, if you’re stiff and feeling like a dinosaur, it’s hard to rotate through the “Thoracic Park,” if you will.

All this leads to sub-optimal rotation. If you feel like a dinosaur out of the Jurassic Park movies, watch this short hosted segment from Jeff Halevy and Ross Curtis to learn how you can properly mobilize your hips and Thoracic Park.

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