Get Better at Pull-ups to Bring Sexy Back

Justin Timberlake isn’t the only person who can bring sexy back; you can, too. Find out how to get better at pull-ups–and build a stronger, leaner, #SexyBack in the process.

The pull-up is king when it comes to upper body strength. However, they are an advanced movement for many gym-goers, and many tend to use their arms instead of their lats to drive the movement. Pull-ups also require a strong and stable core in order to fully control the movement: something that is also lacking for many gym-goers.

When done correctly though, it builds a strong, lean, and sexy back like nothing else. Find out how to get better at pull-ups with five no-nonsense rules from Jeff Halevy’s latest for AskMen.  Get better here: Better Pull-ups, #SexyBack.




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