How fit are you? H-FIT

The only total-body KPI audit.
The Ultimate Fitness Test

H-FIT (Human Functional Index Testing) is the only way to thoroughly assess your current fitness level.

Created for clients ranging from professional athletes to executive health program members, this assessment of your body’s structural integrity, cardiopulmonary output, and movement capacity leaves no stone unturned.

The core assessment is a three-part, nine-point examination:

1. Structural Integrity (Using live joint-sensing technology)
  • Functional Movement Screens
  • Postural Movement Screens
  • Orthopedic Movement Screens

2. Cardiopulmonary Output (Using clinical-grade gas exchange equipment)
  • VO2 Max
  • Anaerobic Threshold
  • Heart Rate Recovery
3. Movement Capacity
  • Unloaded primary patterns
  • Loaded primary patterns
  • Circa-maximal loaded patterns

After completing H-FIT, you will receive a thorough report detailing how well your body functions, from mobility and movement to cardio and strength.

H-FIT is the first stop for every Private Client member at Halevy Life, and with good reason: the granular results allow for highly-tailored individualized programming.

H-FIT can be supplemented with Hydrostatic Weighing for precise body composition metrics (fat mass/lean mass), as well as a Resting Metabolic Rate (your individual calorie burn rate and metabolic fingerprint), for an even more thorough assessment.

These additional tests are added on at member rates for those who purchase H-FIT ($199 and $99, respectively), and are available below.

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