How to Master the King of All Ab Exercises

The ab wheel rollout is among the most challenging exercises in the gym. Furthermore, it often requires so much effort to perform, that the soreness in your abs makes it hard to laugh in the few days after!

It is not uncommon to see ab wheel rollouts done from a tall-kneeling position. But what happens when ab wheel rollouts are done from the feet, in a standing position? The standing ab wheel rollout is like the white unicorn of gym exercises. It’s impressive and incredibly tough to do.

Thankfully, Jeff has outlined an exercise progression you can use to master the king of all ab exercises on AskMen. Be sure to check it out below, but don’t expect the process of achieving this white unicorn to be easy. If you can master the standing ab wheel rollout, a ton of respect and a bulletproof core will follow.


*Note that as always, Jeff did not edit this piece, so please excuse the typos!

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