Muay Thai Kickboxing

Fit as a fighter. Muay Thai Kickboxing

Take your martial arts, fitness, and self-defense game to the next level!

Featuring instruction from current & former pro-am and professional Muay Thai fighters, and coaches and training partners to some of the top fighting talent from the UFC to professional kickboxing, Halevy Life’s Muay Thai Program provides an entry point for students at every level to learn striking with the highest level of technical precision…and get ripped like a fighter.

Try Muay Thai Kickboxing in Midtown East Upper East NYC

From the moment our students start, they immediately feel welcome, comfortable and safe working with our qualified instructors, whose relaxed demeanors, laughter and smiling is picked up by them just as quickly as their detailed and technical instruction.

Our instructors have worked with law enforcement (i.e. NYPD, FDNY & The United Nations), many celebrities and pro fighters (i.e. Kevin Bacon & Georges St. Pierre) and have an incredible talent at working with students of all levels.

$159  •  Single One-Hour Private Lesson; Non-Member

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