Halevy Life is proud to announce it is amongst the first to roll out Kinstretch classes right here in NYC!

Kinstretch use the FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) methodology designed by Dr. Andreo Spina to develop mobility, prevent injury, and enhance athleticism. To call it “yoga-on-steroids” would be an understatement; this powerful technique, taught in a group environment, does far more for flexibility by giving you control of the entire range of motion you create through additional flexibility. #controlyourself

Kinstretch is offered weekly at 1pm on Saturdays and 12pm on Tuesdays.

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All Kinstretch classes are held in Halevy Life’s beautiful lower level yoga and martial arts room at our flagship location: 212 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022.

212 East 57th Street Luxury Yoga