Listen Up Marathoners!

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The NYC marathon is approaching quickly and believe it or not, running has one of the highest injury rates...maybe even higher than wearing a Yankee hat to Fenway Park...

Bo Babenko, DPT and Halevy Life Staff Coach Morgan Jackson have the important preventative and strength strategies you need to run your best and stay out of pain.

That's right, runners -- you need to strength train too!


The most common injuries that runners experience are IT band (outside of the thight) issues and shin splints.

IT Band

  • Side plank - establish a strong position and add in the running motion to strengthen your side and avoid that nasty IT band issue.
  • Try this for 30 seconds on each side or 10 reps of the running motion on each leg.

Shin Splints

  • Strengthen the front of your shins with heel walks back and forth.
  • Try doing these before and after you run.


Running and walking are one legged activities which means you need to make sure your hips are adequately strong.

Bulgarian Split Squats

  • Prop up one leg on a bench behind you. Descend down on the front leg and stand back up.

  • Try this for 15 reps on each side, for 2-3 sets. 

Step Ups

  • Step up on a box or bench in front of you and control your step back down. 
  • Try these for 15 reps on each side, for 2-3 sets. 

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