Metabolic Lab

Get Lean. Body Fat & Composition Analysis

What percentage of your body is fat and lean mass?

Body Fat Testing, or more aptly, Body Composition Analysis, is a means of determining how much of your body is fat mass and lean mass.

We use the gold standard of Body Composition Analysis: hydrostatic weighing (a.k.a. underwater weighing in a water immersion tank).

In addition to hydrostatic weighing, our final metrics include multiple body circumference measurements and BMI calculation (Body Mass Index).

What information will you walk away with?

  • Your fat mass
  • Your lean mass
  • Key body measurements (+ insights into health risk)

$199 For Members

$299 For Non-Members

Make calories count. Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

How many calories do you really need?

Whether it’s for weight loss, fat loss, increased lean mass, or sports performance, you need to have accuracy when it comes to calories burned.

Halevy Life’s Metabolic Lab provides clinical-grade metabolic profile testing, using state-of-the-art technology, to determine RMR, and provide a detailed analysis of your individual metabolism to pinpoint the ideal blueprint for success.

$99 For Members

$159 For Non-Members

Perform better. VO2 Max Testing

Got cardio?

Whether you’re an endurance athlete, runner or triathlete — or just need to measure your cardiovascular fitness — completing a VO2 Max test at Halevy Life’s Metabolic Lab, using our clinical-grade equipment, will provide you with a detailed analysis of specific training zones to improve cardiovascular health and aerobic performance.

Aside from better performance on your next race or athletic event, an increase in VO2 Max will increase endurance, decrease risk for cardiovascular disease and increase energy reserves.

$59 For Members*

$59 For Non-Members*

(*American Heart Month Pricing)

Surpass your limits. Anaerobic Threshold

What is your maximum performance threshold?

Anaerobic Threshold (“AT”) is considered the ultimate physiological predictor of aerobic performance.

Anaerobic Threshold testing, using our clinical-grade equipment, will provide you with a precise analysis of your performance threshold and a prescription of specific training zones for your fitness or performance goals.

$99 For Members

$159 For Non-Members