Nutrition Counseling

Let’s face it: you’re probably completely lost when it comes to nutrition.

It’s not your fault. After all, who can blame you for being lost in the cycle of “fat-is-bad-now-carbs-are-bad-now-gluten-is-bad”?  (And what’s that whole Paleo thing about again…?)Agitated young woman looking up in frustration

It never ends. Researchers will continue to do research, and the media will pick a direction the wind is blowing in for the day, and sensationalize the latest diet headlines. There is a reason that the failure rate of “dieting” is 95% and that most dieters will regain their lost weight in 1-5 years.

Halevy Life’s Nutrition Counseling isn’t about “going gluten-free” or “Paleo;” it’s about designing a sustainable healthy eating model that is customized specifically for you — by highly qualified Registered Dietitians.

Halevy Life’s Nutrition Counseling practice is about lifestyle, balance, sustainability, and individuality. We work with clients on a variety of common areas of need, including:

  • Weight loss (adults, teens and children)
  • Sports nutrition (for building muscle and improving endurance)
  • Executive Wellness
  • Pre and post-natal nutrition
  • Family nutrition
  • Teens/”Freshman 15”
  • Beauty and vitality
  • Vegetarian, Vegan and other special diet needs
  • Corporate Wellness

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