Opinion: Don’t Let Santa Screw You

Don’t look now, but December is here and Christmas is coming. It’s time to think about what you want, and more importantly, what presents to get for your friends and family. We are always trying to improve our health and well-being, so I’m willing to bet that products like the Apple Watch or the Fitbit are always in demand.

This is especially true this year, as the marketplace for fitness wearables like the Watch has expanded. Whether it’s watches, fitness trackers, or workout apps, it’s impossible to dispute the increasing use of technology within exercise and fitness over the past few years.

Some of the technology has been great at getting people to increase their activity level and track their progress over time. This takes advantage of progressive overload, one of the most tried and true methods for continual improvement in health and fitness. Technology has also made it easier to seamlessly keep track of workouts and look at progress over a period of time. Today, the Apple Watch might be the best tool out there for general fitness enthusiasts.

There are also more specialized fitness gadgets and equipment that are often times only found in the most cutting-edge facilities, and I bet that more serious lifting enthusiasts would want them.  Things like specialty barbells, tendo units (to measure lifting velocity), heart rate monitors, etc. Some of these gadgets are great for breaking up the monotony of training and having to use the same equipment over and over again. A small alteration to traditional exercises with something like a Fat Grip or a Flywheel (the kBox) can make the training experience feel completely different and a lot more fun.

However, these new fitness toys, whether they’re mainstream like the Apple Watch or niche like the kBox, are a double-edged sword. You still need to put in the work and the basics still matter in the gym. Fitness trackers won’t tell everything about you, and the kBox won’t be the one and the only thing that makes you stronger. The key to success is still consistent work for sustainable goals over a period of time.  Your new fitness toys can help, but they are just pieces of a larger puzzle.

by Dan Cerone