Opinion: No One Cares What Program You’re On

Nowadays everyone wants to do things the easy way. Cookie-cutter approaches for the best result. The easiest and shortest way to make gainz, whether for a booty like Jen Selter or a body like circa-1970s Arnold. Sorry, but that ain’t happening as fast as you’d like unless you are taking Vitamin T, using amazing lighting or your favorite filter on Instagram, and some major anterior pelvic tilt.

The magic fix is in; everyone who goes to the gym wants the edge, they want MJ’s secret stuff, and they want the program that does it. You see your favorite athlete, actor, or Instagram model and wonder how they got it. You see her dancing with ankle weights, or him squatting with Bosu balls, and assume that that’s what makes them good-looking and strong. Then comes the age-old question: “I wonder what program they are on.”

However, that isn’t why. The secret to the success of the majority of your favorites isn’t in a magic program, pill, or juice cleanse (which by the way doesn’t even know what it’s trying to cleanse). The secret is consistency, progress, and hard work. Those 3 things above all are what makes the difference between success and failure in the gym or in any goal.

Go to the gym on a routine basis and you are asking for results. For once, forget what program you’re on. Simply keeping to your routine will allow you to reap the benefits.

Once you get the routine down and you’re in the groove of things, start thinking about progressing in whatever the goal is. Start adding weight when you feel stronger, increase your speed on the ergometer, or decrease the rest interval. Every one of those things is a form of progress and will makes a big difference over time. Try to improve each workout if you can. Once you feel the progress, it gets easier and easier.

Progress comes with consistency, and progress also comes with hard work. Sometimes you just have to push through the bad days and burn through your workout. Sometimes you need to add 15lbs to the bar to gain that inch, maybe running at 9mph instead of 8mph will help you shred that extra pound. These little increments pay off. It’s equally as important as the previous two rules.

Working out doesn’t require anything magic. The human body adapts to whatever stimulus is provided upon it. As long as you disrupt your body with load, intensity, and volume, the body will respond in a positive manner. Keep up with your workouts, improve, push yourself, and your time in the gym will be well worth it.

by Ross Curtis

New York, NY

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