Perfect Balance™

[lead]Imagine combining the essential elements of preventive/corrective exercise, yoga, primal/developmental movement patterning, myofascial release, and meditation in just one powerful, rejuvenating and restorative hour.[/lead]

Perfect Balance™ is the busy person’s solution to getting the same restorative, preventive and corrective care that world-class athletes receive from multiple practitioners, in multiple sessions, over the course of their training week/competitive schedule. (But who has time for that!?)

While Perfect Balance™ is geared towards those who need to have bodies ready for pushing the pace in the gym, it is equally effective for the stressed out, over-caffeinated desk jockey, who may just want to temper the effects of hours of sitting and stress.

Created by “Fitness Guru” Jeff Halevy, Perfect Balance™ is the most efficient solution to rebalancing your body…and life.

Perfect Balance™ is $28-$33/session, depending on your package.

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