Do You Walk Or Run? Watch This!

Former Today Show correspondent Jeff Halevy completing the New York Road Runners 5th Avenue Mile running event in 5:54.

Whether you’re running the NYC marathon in just a few weeks or participating in a Breast Cancer Awareness walk this month, your body can get pretty banged up afterwards.

Where are you likely to hurt after one of these events?

  1. Feet/ankles
  2. Knees
  3. Lower back

The traditional approach for treating this pain used to be “RICE” (rest, ice, compression, elevation). Now we know it’s important to emphasize movement instead of rest ("MICE").

Running is a compressive sport, which means it’s important to open up the joints, and this is best done through - you guessed it - movement!

What To Do

The overall strategy is to open up the joints through movement. Here's specifically what to do for each pain point.


  • Place a band around a stable anchor (a person, table, squat rack, etc.).
  • Place the band around your ankle as close to the joint as possible.
  • Keeping the band tight, move up and down, bending the knees, to create space in your foot.

It’s also always great to roll out the bottom of the feet with a ball.


  • Place a ball, towel or rolled up yoga mat behind the knee.
  • Close down so that you're squeezing the ball behind your knee, pressing the back of your thigh and calf together.

This opens up the front of the knee, also known as gapping.

Lower back

  • Place a yoga block under the sacrum and lay down.
  • The movement here is breathing. As you breathe, you’re allowing fluids, or nutrition, to go back into your discs.

This one feels really good and is great for decompressing the lower back.

Give these a try to recover after participating in one of these events and let us know how it goes!

New York, NY

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