Body Fat Testing

Get Lean. Body Composition Analysis

Body Fat Testing, or more aptly, Body Composition Analysis, is a means of determining how much of your body is fat mass and lean mass.

How is it measured?
Halevy Life is the only location in Manhattan to offer the gold standard of Body Composition Analysis: hydrostatic weighing (a.k.a. underwater weighing in a water immersion tank).

Hydrostatic weighing is the tool of choice in athletic and clinical circles when reliable numbers for body composition are needed.

In addition to hydrostatic weighing, our final metrics include multiple body circumference measurements and BMI calculation (Body Mass Index).

What information will you walk away with?
After your Body Composition Analysis, you will have a sound understanding of:

  • Your fat mass
  • Your lean mass
  • Key body metrics (+ insights into health risk)

Price: $199/$299; Member/Non-member

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