Private Client

Private Client

Private training with highly-credentialed coaches.

Halevy Life New York NYC 10022 Personal Training GYm 10022

Our Private Client program is the program of choice for members with specialized objectives and/or who require the highest levels of service.

Private Client includes high-touch, precision-built, bespoke programming. It provides the ultimate return on your investment with us.

From the moment you attend your meticulously comprehensive Initial Assessment through each subsequent training session, progress is diligently measured and programming is re-calibrated, ensuring that your progress remains not only plateau-free, but injury-free as well.

Private Client also includes a variety of additional included services and amenities, including gratis classes (e.g. Kinstretch, Vital YogaMetabolic Lab testing, Body Composition Analysis (Hydrostatic Weighing), beverage service, valet, medical concierge, and more.

Membership and training sessions start at $299 and $165 respectively.

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The benefits of one-on-one coaching at a fraction of the cost!

Halevy Life New York NYC 10022 Personal Training GYm 10022

Fast, fun, customized sessions giving you lasting results. Employing Jeff Halevy’s Perfect Storm™ protocol, SureFit™ combines sound Exercise Science and evidence-based principles in a semi-private training environment to give our clients what 99% of gym-goers want: a lean healthy body.

With no more than five clients per session, there is a high degree of personal attention and individualization tailored to each client.

Multiple session times are conveniently scheduled before and after work, as well as midday and weekends. Please read our FAQ for more info.

All memberships ($299/month), include up to six SureFit™ Sessions/month. (See Terms.)

New members may try Membership Starter, which includes a two-week membership, RMR testing (Resting Metabolic Rate), Orientation, Movement Screen Analysis,  five SureFit™ Sessions, one Vital class, and one MMA class —  just $199, without any further obligation.

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