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Halevy Life’s Best Blogs of 2017

What a year it’s been huh? With 2017 nearing it’s end, I think now is as good a time as ever to look back at what I believe are the best blogs from this past year. Have a look, and check them out if you haven’t already! 3 Tips to Boost Your Powerlifting Total –…

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Unlocking Game-Changing Fitness – When it Matters Most

I love fall. The temperature in air dips down to a pleasant range that isn’t oppressively hot, or stinging cold. Leaves change color, and with every passing day, we get closer to the holiday season and quality time with our friends and families. We’re also in the midst of the World Series at this time…

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Is the Next Generation of Fitness Digital?

A week ago, I wrote a short opinion piece about the new Apple Watch and what it means for your health & fitness. In light of what I’ve been seeing in the sports performance and general fitness worlds recently, I wanted to expand on that topic today. The more and more I think about this…

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How To Conquer Rotation-based Low Back Pain

With the US Open wrapping up this weekend, it couldn’t be more timely to post the third part of this series on rotation-based low back pain. While the first two parts of this series focused specifically on golf, the key points of this series can also 100% apply to tennis, and baseball as well. You…

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How Playing Golf Can Hurt You

In our last blog on this topic, I explained how playing golf can actually hurt you. Today, I will go more in depth into the injury mechanisms in a golf swing that are responsible. Once again, studies have shown that low-back pain accounts for anywhere from 18-54% of golf injuries. Injuries of the knees, hips,…

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Is Playing Golf Actually Hurting You?

Golf is one of the most popular sports in America, particularly among adults. Here in the city, I’ve seen my fair share of people both around my age (26, although some people still believe I’m 21…) and way older lugging around their golf clubs on the weekends, presumably to hit the driving range or a…

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