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Why You’re Just Running In Circles With Cardio

You either love cardio, or you absolutely hate it. Honestly, I think that only endurance athletes like marathoners, rowers, and swimmers like cardio, and the rest of us hate it. But perhaps the former love it only because they can look past the fact that being in the midst of a long run or a…

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Opinion: Why Conor McGregor Can (And Can’t) Win on Fight Night

Fight Night is almost here, as Conor McGregor is set to square off against Floyd Mayweather in a much-hyped matchup. This is perhaps the first and most noteworthy time that an MMA star has crossed over into the boxing realm to fight one of its most prolific champions, and the stars will be out for…

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Why You Should NOT Take a Fight to the Ground

We were very excited to bring Martinez Martial Arts into the fold here at Halevy Life last month, and this video will be the first of many featuring martial arts tips that can come into play if you ever find yourself in a self-defense scenario. In this video, watch as Jeff Halevy and Brayner Martinez explain…

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How to Defend Yourself in a Kangaroo Fight

Many of you have already seen the hilarious viral video of an Australian man defending his dog from a kangaroo by now. Funny enough, a little searching on YouTube seems to indicate that kangaroos are avid boxers themselves! While it’s an interesting topic, I highly doubt that fighting a kangaroo is high up on your to-do list. Inspired…

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