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Opinion: Why You Can’t Get Fit at Home

There seems to be a resurgence of sorts happening right now within the fitness industry. More and more fitness brands are starting to offer at-home versions of their training routines and programs. And there are always new fitness products coming out designed for home-use and allow you to workout anytime, anywhere. FlyWheel Sports just recently…

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Opinion: The Simple But Tough Truth About Weight Loss

The holidays are coming and anybody who has some sort of fitness goal definitely has food on their mind. They either love it, or they’re worried about their fitness and all the progress they made up to this point going down the drain. During the holidays, this is probably an unhealthy attitude to have. The…

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Move of the Week: Resting Metabolic Rate

Do you know exactly what you need to burn fat, lose weight, and gain muscle? Take this test to find out. THE MOVE: Resting Metabolic Rate WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT:¬†In addition to VO2 Max, and Anaerobic Threshold, Resting Metabolic Rate is the third indicator that we test for as part of our Metabolic¬†Testing Panel here…

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The Real Reason Why You’re Not Lean

Doesn’t it always seem like you just can’t lose those last 5-10 pounds? Well, you’re not alone. Try as you might, those last 5-10 pounds are coming off. This might not be the first time you’ve encountered this hurdle, either. You’ve probably had phases where your fitness and nutrition are both on point, but when…

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Feeding the Fitness Machine: RMR and Nutrition

It’s November, and with the holidays right around the corner, this post from Staff Coach Joe could not be any more timely. With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, good fitness and nutrition habits tend to fall by the wayside. So how can we truly enjoy the holidays, without paying the price when it comes to…

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