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Opinion: The Simple But Tough Truth About Weight Loss

The holidays are coming and anybody who has some sort of fitness goal definitely has food on their mind. They either love it, or they’re worried about their fitness and all the progress they made up to this point going down the drain. During the holidays, this is probably an unhealthy attitude to have. The…

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Opinion: Don’t Let Santa Screw You

Don’t look now, but December is here and Christmas is coming. It’s time to think about what you want, and more importantly, what presents to get for your friends and family. We are always trying to improve our health and well-being, so I’m willing to bet that products like the Apple Watch or the Fitbit…

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Opinion: Feeling Guilty About Your Gluttony?

Now that we’re reaching the tail-end of the Thanksgiving weekend(and the start of the holiday season overall), are you feeling guilty about your gluttony? Well, I’m here to tell you this: don’t. For many of us, fitness and going to the gym ends around the holidays. The holiday season, with its travel demands and the…

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