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Opinion: Quite Getting So Aroused

Performance, either physical or mental, requires a level of arousal or excitement that matches the task at hand. Whether it’s the last deadlift attempt of a powerlifting meet, a crucial at-bat in baseball that can put your team ahead, or the eleventh hour before a deadline to close a deal at work, you won’t be…

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Opinion: Take Steroids…in Your Sleep

You ever had a day full of stress? A day that seemed like it couldn’t get any worse? You felt so tired that all you could think about was going home and going to sleep. Yet when you got home, you procrastinated and stayed up to catch up on your favorite shows. Before you know…

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Opinion: With Your Clients, Build a Foundation First

Most coaches and trainers first get into the industry because they were once athletes or have always been interested in exercise. Since I’ve started coaching, I’ve witnessed numerous trainers try to force-feed complex movements to clients in an effort to get them in shape, without the slightest idea of what their movement foundations are like.…

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