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Getting Creative with Loaded Carries: Part II

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about loaded carries and five ways to do this awesome exercise in the gym. Each of them are a little different from one another, but from a broad perspective, they all do wonders for core strength, shoulder health, and in some cases, metabolic conditioning too. Getting Creative…

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Move of the Week: Bear Dog

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! It’s time to get back into gear with your Move of the Week! THE MOVE: Bear Dog MOVEMENT PATTERN AND MUSCLES WORKED: Core stability; abs. WHY DO IT: This week’s move is not a breed of dog, nor a ferocious animal of any sort. It is, however, a progression…

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Getting Creative with Loaded Carries: Part I

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving and the holiday season is fully upon us (like really, where did all the time go?). But with that being said, now is as good a time as ever for all of us to reflect on the year so far and look ahead at what’s to come. Upon reflection,…

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Move of the Week: Standing Low-to-High Cable Lift

Happy Wednesday! We’ve spoken before about rotation and how it should come from the proper places. Well, there’s more about that coming at you in today’s Move of the Week. Enjoy! THE MOVE: Standing Low-to-High Cable Lift MOVEMENT PATTERN AND MUSCLES WORKED: Corrective/core; abs, obliques. WHY DO IT: Today’s move falls right in line with the half-kneeling…

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What Snoop Can’t Teach You: Rolling 101

Today, I am quickly going to dive into what renowned movement specialist, Gray Cook, calls “loaded yoga:” the Turkish Get-Up. The Turkish Get-up is one of our go-to exercises these days—it’s very technical, yes, but it works through so much, that teaching it to our clients usually ends up being a worthwhile priority. From a…

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