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What Can You Learn From the NFL Combine?

​The NFL Scouting Combine is coming to a close, and the football world is beginning to take its bets on the prospects who will be drafted next month and where on the draft board they’ll end up. The Combine is where scouts evaluate football talent; the Draft is where prior performance in college and Combine…

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Opinion: The Real Reason The Patriots Banned Tom Brady’s Trainer

A story broke a couple of days ago about Tom Brady’s personal trainer getting banned from the Patriots. The trainer, Alex Guerrero, has been in the news multiple times this past year for the “revolutionary” work he’s done with Brady to keep him playing at an elite level at the ripe age of 40. Often…

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Why You’re Just Running In Circles With Cardio

You either love cardio, or you absolutely hate it. Honestly, I think that only endurance athletes like marathoners, rowers, and swimmers like cardio, and the rest of us hate it. But perhaps the former love it only because they can look past the fact that being in the midst of a long run or a…

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Opinion: The Dark Side of Soccer Success

This week, the US men’s soccer team failed to qualify for the World Cup. Although it is the most popular sport in the world, soccer has to compete against football, baseball, basketball, and hockey here in the US, and the loss represents another hurdle to the development of the sport and its players on a…

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To Eat, Train, and Live Like a Celebrity, or Not?

A little over a week ago, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady released his first book, The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance. Much has already been written and discussed about this book already, and to say that many people in the health, fitness, and wellness industries are shaking their heads would…

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Opinion: Brace Yourself, Football Injuries Are Coming

Tonight is the official start of the NFL season. It marks a day when an abundance of sports fans will unite to cheer on their respective teams; it also marks a day that multiple athletes will sustain bumps, bruises, and even devastating injuries. The injuries can come from contact or no contact; from bone-shattering hits…

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