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Should Your Personal Trainer Be Licensed?

Last week, fellow coach Ross Curtis┬áposed the question of whether or not personal trainers, coaches, and other individuals in the fitness profession should be licensed. The fitness profession has largely operated without any sort of government oversight since its inception. Anyone can call themselves a “personal trainer” or “fitness coach,” even without any prior experience…

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Opinion: For Your Safety, Stop Tracking Your Steps

In the news lately, there have been multiple reports about how the fitness-tracking app, Strava, is revealing more about its users than anyone ever intended. Militaries around the world found that with this app, people could not only track specific routes that important military personnel went about during their day, but could also determine WHO…

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Opinion: Should We License Personal Trainers?

In recent years, many states have begun introducing legislation requiring personal trainers and coaches to obtain state-issued licenses. These licenses would allow them to legally work as fitness professionals and provide services in that category. The industry is full of many certifying bodies, like the NSCA, ACE, NASM, or even CrossFit, that would all define…

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