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Why Your Squat Sucks

Previously, I discussed at length why your bench press might suck. Today I’m going to go along the same lines and discuss the squat. Squatting is one of the basic movement patterns that everyone should master in the gym. Truthfully, there is no perfect way to squat, but technique does exist on a continuum that…

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Why Your Bench Press Sucks

When it comes to the bench press, I see it almost all the time. Everywhere I go it seems like there is at least one person doing the bench press, or variations of it, all wrong. I’ve seen the issues that I’m about to detail below almost everywhere, from the large commercial gyms where everything…

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Would You Workout In a Nightclub?

Trends come and go in the fitness industry, and the latest one that has washed ashore Fitness Beach has nothing to do with weights, cardio, or yoga. Strangely enough, it does have something to do with the way gyms are lit. Many gyms (especially in the NYC Area) are turning down the lights, literally, to…

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The 3 P’s of Why People Get Hurt in the Gym: Part III

If you missed Parts I and II of this series, be sure to catch up here: Programming and Periodization. In the first two installments of this series, we discussed why improper programming and periodization can actually hurt you. Last but not least, here is the third of three reasons why people get hurt in the gym: preparation.…

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