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The 3 P’s of Why People Get Hurt in the Gym: Part II

If you missed Part I of this series, be sure to catch up here: Programming. Welcome back to this series on The 3 P’s of Why People Get Hurt in the Gym. In part 1, we discussed why improper programming, and specifically exercise selection, can cause pain. Exercise selection is part of a larger concept…

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Simple and Sweet: 3 Different Ways to Utilize Isometrics

There is more to resistance training then just lifting things up, and putting them down. When the weights get heavy and the lifts get technical, strength training is no longer a rhythmic and monotonous task. It becomes an art form: its execution open to interpretation and analysis, its improvement hard-fought and glorious. This perspective holds…

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Is foam rolling nonsense?

Almost every client that comes into our gym at one point or another hops on a foam roller or some other kind of self-myofascial release (SMR) tool (lacrosse ball, softball, etc.) before they begin their session. When someone first begins to use a tool for SMR there is almost without a doubt the initial reaction of “ouch”…

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Three Things You Should Do Now (On the Gym Floor)

In my last blog post here, I spoke about how fitness is a marathon, and not a sprint. Remember now, the only thing that separates the average gym-goer from the gym-goer who gets results is that they show up on a consistent basis. It is easier to do this if you have a plan, and…

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