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Lessons about Weightlifting from #CWCNYC

This past weekend, we had the distinct honor of hosting physical therapist and industry up-and-comer, Dr. Quinn Henoch, for the first ever ClinicalAthlete Weightlifting Coach (CWC) certification. Roughly 40 clinicians, coaches, and trainers flocked to Halevy Life to learn about weightlifting from Quinn himself. By all accounts, the experience this weekend was better than we…

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What Snoop Can’t Teach You: Rolling 101

Today, I am quickly going to dive into what renowned movement specialist, Gray Cook, calls “loaded yoga:” the Turkish Get-Up. The Turkish Get-up is one of our go-to exercises these days—it’s very technical, yes, but it works through so much, that teaching it to our clients usually ends up being a worthwhile priority. From a…

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How To Be A Freak Who Can Move Buildings (Understanding Strength & Power)

A common misconception in the strength and conditioning industry is the perception of power being correlated with strength. The formula for power is work/time. The amount of work you do is determined by the force and the distance. For example, a medicine ball slam. If you attempt to slam a 20 pound medicine ball as…

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