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How To Conquer Rotation-based Low Back Pain

With the US Open wrapping up this weekend, it couldn’t be more timely to post the third part of this series on rotation-based low back pain. While the first two parts of this series focused specifically on golf, the key points of this series can also 100% apply to tennis, and baseball as well. You…

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Opinion: Why You’re "Pso" Overrated

In my time working with a lot of people who have or have had low back pain, the psoas muscle has always been brought up as the cause of their pain. It has been blamed by everyone from previous trainers, to chiropractors, to massage therapists. ¬†On the surface, the reasoning for this is straightforward and…

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Why Your Glutes & Abs Aren’t Just for Instagram

Lower-body compound movements, like the squat and deadlift, form the basis of our programming here at Halevy Life, and they should form the basis of any fitness program, period. There are countless benefits to performing these movements, and I could take hours of your time explaining why. But, more than anything else, these are the…

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