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Move of the Week: The Clean Pull

A spotless clean begins with a good pull. See what we mean here. THE MOVE: The Clean Pull MOVEMENT PATTERN AND MUSCLES WORKED: Hinge (posterior chain) but everything else as well! WHY DO IT: Last week, we broke down the clean in it’s entirety, and today we are focusing on one specific phase of the clean that matters…

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Move of the Week: The Clean

When it comes to the Olympic lifts, the clean is just a powerful reverse curl right? Wrong. Clean up your clean with this week’s move! THE MOVE: The Clean MOVEMENT PATTERN AND MUSCLES WORKED: Hinge (posterior chain) but everything else as well! WHY DO IT: The Olympic lifts looks cool and everyone wants to do it, but that…

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Why Novice Weightlifters Should (and Shouldn’t) Deadlift

We’ve spoken at length before about both weightlifting and powerlifting on this blog—after all, they form the basis of proper training for strength, fitness, and sport performance. With the Rio Olympics literally around the corner, the sport of weightlifting will be thrust into the international spotlight once again as athletes attempt to throw as much…

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Lessons about Weightlifting from #CWCNYC

This past weekend, we had the distinct honor of hosting physical therapist and industry up-and-comer, Dr. Quinn Henoch, for the first ever ClinicalAthlete Weightlifting Coach (CWC) certification. Roughly 40 clinicians, coaches, and trainers flocked to Halevy Life to learn about weightlifting from Quinn himself. By all accounts, the experience this weekend was better than we…

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Is Olympic weightlifting right for you?

Olympic Weightlifting: A Quick Intro The Olympic Games only happen once every four years, but over the past decade or so, the sport of weightlifting (i.e The Snatch, and The Clean & Jerk) has seen an explosion in popularity. We can probably attribute this to the fact that the sport’s movements are featured heavily in…

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Simple and Sweet: 3 Different Ways to Utilize Isometrics

There is more to resistance training then just lifting things up, and putting them down. When the weights get heavy and the lifts get technical, strength training is no longer a rhythmic and monotonous task. It becomes an art form: its execution open to interpretation and analysis, its improvement hard-fought and glorious. This perspective holds…

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