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Opinion: "When Muscle Confusion" is a Good Thing

One of the biggest scams in the fitness industry is the idea of selling programs to deliberately “confuse” your muscles, which will magically incinerate fat and spur muscle growth. The reality of these programs on late night infomercials is that the people making and marketing them have no idea what the hell they’re doing in…

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Opinion: Let’s Face It, You Hate Running

Hear me out on this one. A lot of people say that they enjoy running, but there is a good chance that all of them actually hate it. Let’s face it, when you’re in the moment, running doesn’t actually feel pleasant. It’s hard to find joy when you’re out on the trail or the road,…

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Opinion: Should You Listen to Your Body?

Hitting the gym entails a lot of different factors. We have goals, whether it’s to lose weight, put on muscle, or run a 6-minute mile. They require motivation and drive to elicit the change we’re seeking. This motivation probably comes from some sort of realization; it could’ve been a humbling doctor’s visit or even a…

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Opinion: The Dark Side of Soccer Success

This week, the US men’s soccer team failed to qualify for the World Cup. Although it is the most popular sport in the world, soccer has to compete against football, baseball, basketball, and hockey here in the US, and the loss represents another hurdle to the development of the sport and its players on a…

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Opinion: Why You Should Let it Go

Do you remember the feeling you used to get when you first started working out? The tinge and tremor of excitement. Euphoria, motivation, gratification, and the want for more. But then one day it’s all gone. You’re going in and doing the same old stuff over and over again.  Progress slows, and that awesome feeling…

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