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Opinion: Why Humans HAVEN’T Peaked as a Species

An article from Newsweek has been making the rounds which details new research in physiology claiming that humans have reached the peak of our height, lifespan, and physical fitness. It provides an uncommon perspective on the state of our evolution, our health, and the world we live in. Using data gathered over 120 years, it…

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Unlocking Game-Changing Fitness – When it Matters Most

I love fall. The temperature in air dips down to a pleasant range that isn’t oppressively hot, or stinging cold. Leaves change color, and with every passing day, we get closer to the holiday season and quality time with our friends and families. We’re also in the midst of the World Series at this time…

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The Last Leg of 26.2: What’s Actually Happening?

Let’s envision a hypothetical scenario here. You and a good friend are running the marathon, and both of you have nearly identical athletic and physical qualities. For much of the race, the two of you run in close proximity to one another, and sometimes even side-by-side. It’s only a matter of time before the finish…

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Opinion: Quite Getting So Aroused

Performance, either physical or mental, requires a level of arousal or excitement that matches the task at hand. Whether it’s the last deadlift attempt of a powerlifting meet, a crucial at-bat in baseball that can put your team ahead, or the eleventh hour before a deadline to close a deal at work, you won’t be…

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How Does Music Affect Your Gym Performance?

Music is a big part of our daily lives. These days we can instantly access whatever songs or media we are in the mood for through our own personal playlists or streaming services like Spotify or Pandora.  It can give us instant gratification and motivation.  Everyone has their own preference when it comes to music…

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Metabolic Testing Part II: Anaerobic Threshold

A few weeks ago, Staff Coach Joe Ferraro shared his insights on VO2max here in this blog. Today he’ll continue what he started and share his insights on anaerobic threshold, another quality that we test for in our metabolic panel. Once again, get ready for some #science, #knowledge, and #application! Athletic performance in various competitive sports…

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