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Opinion: Why Physical Therapy Doesn’t Work

Having been a physical therapist since 2005, I have seen plenty of sub-optimal rehab strategies and less-than-stellar patient care. There are definitely excellent clinicians in the field and most have good intentions, but there are just as many average or worse therapists out there as well. Furthermore, the insurance model is restrictive and has very…

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Can You Predict the Future of Your Health?

A few weeks ago, I discussed the role that physical therapy has in maintaining optimal health and slowing down the effects of aging. Today, I want to expand on that. As some would say: in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. Our futures are never truly set in…

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How Figure Skating Can Transform Your Body

Are you watching the Olympics? I certainly am. One of the marquee sports of every Winter Olympic Games is figure skating. As a student of the human body and the ways it moves, I’ve come to appreciate just how difficult it really is. The technical demands of the art are one aspect, like any sort…

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How Physical Therapy Predicts Your Future

In my opinion, Physical Therapy as a profession has done a very poor job of explaining all that we can do. Unfortunately, most folks think of us only after they’ve gotten hurt and have seen a doctor for specific musculoskeletal issues like an ankle sprain, rotator cuff tear, or spine surgery. For these folks physical…

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How to Stop "Text Neck" From Killing You

Are you looking down at your phone right now to read this article? “Text neck” is no longer an isolated phenomenon. It is a real problem that is not only killing your manners and your mood; it’s also killing your neck. A recent NYTimes article focused a good deal on the social implications of text…

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Why Physical Therapy is Like Going to the Dentist

Would you rather get a root canal or regular cleaning at the dentist? Hopefully, you prefer the latter rather than the former! Too often, people wait too long to seek medical attention of any sort. By then, the underlying issues they have might already be coming to a threshold, making them more difficult to treat.…

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