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Slow Down For Better Results This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And with the holiday season fully upon us, I totally expect that things are slowing down for all of us in our day-to-day lives. Now is the perfect time to see family and friends that you perhaps have not have the opportunity to see in while. With…

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Move of the Week: Medicine Ball Chest Pass

Don’t want to get older? Take your medicine! THE MOVE: Medicine Ball Chest Pass MOVEMENT PATTERN AND MUSCLES WORKED: Hinge: posterior chain, hamstrings, glutes. Horizontal push: chest. WHY DO IT: If you want to maintain your vitality as you age, it is probably a good idea to take your medicine. Medicine balls, that is. The reason why…

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Move of the Week: High-incline Dumbbell Bench Press

The start of spring means that summer is just around the corner…so let’s get a head start on beach season by featuring something to develop a beach body! THE MOVE: High-incline Dumbbell Bench Press MOVEMENT PATTERN AND MUSCLES WORKED: Vertical/horizontal push: pecs, shoulders, and triceps. WHY DO IT: Well, of course we’re featuring a bench press variation…

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Move of the Week: Tall-kneeling Overhead Med Ball Throw

Spring is just starting here in the city, so here’s the first edition of Move of the Week this season! THE MOVE: Tall-kneeling Overhead Med Ball Throw MOVEMENT PATTERN AND MUSCLES WORKED: Vertical pull: lats and abs. WHY DO IT: We haven’t done many medicine ball moves here in our weekly feature, so here’s one to fill…

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How To Be A Freak Who Can Move Buildings (Understanding Strength & Power)

A common misconception in the strength and conditioning industry is the perception of power being correlated with strength. The formula for power is work/time. The amount of work you do is determined by the force and the distance. For example, a medicine ball slam. If you attempt to slam a 20 pound medicine ball as…

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