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Opinion: Quite Getting So Aroused

Performance, either physical or mental, requires a level of arousal or excitement that matches the task at hand. Whether it’s the last deadlift attempt of a powerlifting meet, a crucial at-bat in baseball that can put your team ahead, or the eleventh hour before a deadline to close a deal at work, you won’t be…

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“Why” Bother?

You know you should work out and train for the goals that you’ve set for yourself. And once you’ve found your “why,” you might not need anything else to get strong, sexy, and healthy. Today’s article is the second part of a piece that I started last week, in which I encouraged you to find…

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What is your “Why?”

Do you know the one question that can put you on the path to fitness and health? Find that question and its answer, and you might not need anything else to get strong, sexy, and healthy. As a fitness coach, I often see people struggle with consistency and motivation when it comes to fitness and…

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What defines your fitness mindset?

What are the common threads that define a fitness mindset, and how will these you weave these threads into your mentality? Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about the mental side of fitness. In light of a few articles that I’ve read and the scientific research that they explore, it should come as no surprise…

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