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Move of the Week: Push-up Plank Kettlebell Row

Happy Cinco! THE MOVE: Push-up Plank Kettlebell Row MOVEMENT PATTERN AND MUSCLES WORKED: Horizontal pull, core: upper back, abs, obliques, and core stability. WHY DO IT: What happens when you combine two good things? In the case of, let’s say, peanut butter and nutella, the end result might be better than either of those individually. In the case…

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Move of the Week: Band-resisted Push-up

Today’s Move of the Week features a variation of a classic exercise: the push-up! THE MOVE: Band-resisted Push-up MOVEMENT PATTERN AND MUSCLES WORKED: Horizontal pushing pattern: chest, shoulders, lats, upper back, and triceps. WHY DO IT: From a technical standpoint, the push-up is an exercise that most people seem to get wrong. It looks simple enough, but…

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